Nux MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor

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Nux MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor ... 

USB Recording ... Jam ( Drum & Looper ) ...Reverb ... Delay ... Modulation ... For Cabinet Simulation Impulse Response ... Pre-Effects ... 


  • TSAC-HD Pre-Effects and Amp Modeling deliver realistic feel and playability.
  • Core-Image Post-Effects offer you studio sound quality.
  • Quick Tone™ Edit Software for quickly choosing and tweaking patches.
  • Load 3rd-party IRs to expand sound ability.
  • USB audio stream for recording interface with routing setup.
  • 56 drum beats and 60 seconds Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm.
  • Global 3 bands EQ for quick adjustments in live application.
The Expression Pedal can be used to control the volume or the effects.
WAH: Controls the WAH filter.
EFX: Controls GAIN (DRIVE) parameter of OD/DIST. Or controls PITCH parameter of PITCH BENDER.
AMP: Controls LEVEL parameter of AMP.
MOD: Controls MIX level of Modulation effects.
DLY: Controls MIX level of Delay effects.
RVB: Controls MIX level of Reverb effects.
Detailed instructions on how to assign functions and how to calibrate the pedal are provided in the User Manual.
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