NUX Melvin Lee Davis NBP-5 Dual Switch Bass Pedal

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Designed by Bassist for Bass Lovers .

A bass guitar preamp, DI box, impulse response (IR) loader and audio interface.
Yes, everything you need for practicing, gigging and recording is in the box!

input/output and USB Connections 

Recording With Melvin Lee Davis Bass Preamp 



  • 24-bit, 48KHz
  • Impulse Response: 1024 length (20.33ms)
  • Latency: 1ms
  • 3-band EQ with Middle-frequency selector
  • Drive with blend control
  • Built-in noise reduction
  • Impulse Response loader, speaker cabinet simulation
  • 1/4" instrument input
  • 1/4" through output and main output
  • XLR DI output
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • 1/8" Auxiliary in for music player connection
  • Micro B USB input for firmware update, software control, IR loading, and audio stream
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