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Equipped with 2 buttons, it features a pitch setting between 430 Hz and 450 Hz and will thus match the needs of each instrument and playing environment.
It's automatic shut-off after 5 minutes without a signal, will be of great help to careless musicians who forget to turn off their tuner and find themselves out of batteries. The Cherub Musedo T-2046BD is a full-featured, compact, accurate and low-power tuner, all in a great budget!


- Accessories included: 3V battery

- Category: tuner

- Dimensions (mm): 50 x 36 x 30

- Instrument: universal

- Tuning mode: Chromatic

- Tuning range: A0 - C8

- A4 calibration range: 430 - 450 Hz

- Weight (kg): 32 g

- Additional specs:

- Chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele tuner in C and D

- Auto power off function after 5min without signal or operation

- Save settings before power off

- Front panel on/off and mode selection button

- Tuning range A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186.0 Hz)

- Tuning fork (A4): 430 to 450 Hz

- Accuracy: ± 1 hundredth of a semitone

- Power supply: 3V battery (CR2032) included

- When the battery level becomes low, the display intensity decreases to indicate that it needs to be changed soon.

- When the display flashes, it indicates that the battery is worn out and will no longer allow the tuner to operate properly.

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