Carolina CHP 1000 Violin

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Carolina CHP 1000  High Quality Violin ...

  • Made with high quality material

  • Durable Product

  • Extreme Quality

  • Reliable

  • Condition : New

  • 100% Genuine Product

Key features:

Tips to handle your new violin

o    Please, rub a little rosin on the bow before playing

o    Do not touch the bow hair with fingers

o    Always loosen the bow after using it.

o    Do not over-adjust the strings. You can contact your teacher for help

o    Do not store in hot temperatures or extremely cold ones



  • Exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of both beginners and professional players
  • Teacher-approved violin brand with exceptional qualities
  • World class violin that can fill a largest concert hall with the most amazing sounds
  • High quality branded strings to create rich, lively tones
  • Unique pegs for quick and optimal tuning
  • Hard portable carrying high quality case to avoid any damages to the violin
  • Brand: Carolina CHP 1000
  • Weight: 2kg
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