Bass Guitar Amp Amplifier Deviser YX-TB-60

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Amplifier Accessories Deviser YX-TB-60 for Bass Guitar Amp Amplifier ...



HIGH --- To connect guitar with low-level output

LOW --- To connect guitar with high-level output

VOLUME --- Adjust the overall level or volume of the amplifier

TREBLE --- Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequencies range

MID --- To control the boost and cut of the middle frequencies range

BASS --- To control the boost and cut of the low frequency range

PRESENCE --- Control the amount of gain

LINEOUT --- Connect to mixer or sound card or recording equipment

PHONE --- For connecting headphones with a 6.5mm stereo plug. When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected

POWER --- Turns amplifier ON and OFF

SPEKER --- 10"

AC: POWER --- 200V-240V 50hz

OUTPUT POWER --- 60watt


SNR --- Frequency 70db

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