IRIN 4/4 Electric Violin

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Steel strings,featured pitch stability, good play-ability and fast turning.

Delicate mute,can better grasp the sound.Adjusting the violin sound according to the player's preference.

Safe and firm kinnhalter design,light and convenient.Small contact to the violin body,decreases the vibration of the violin while being played.

Straight uniform bow strings,moderate weight,good elasticity.

With original rosin,best for increasing the friction between the bow hair and bow strings. (Do not use excessive amounts of rosin at once.)

With a carrying case,provides a good protection for the violin and makes it easier for you to carry it.


* Material: Pine

* Violin Total Length: 595mm

* Panel Length: 355mm

* Panel Width: 205mm

* Neck Length: 240mm

Package List:

* 1x Violin

* 1x Rosin

* 1x Bridge

* 1x Connecting Line

* 1x Earphone

* 1x Violin Case

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