Hebikuo M50 Guitar Stand

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  • (Chic and Trendy): This Hebikuo guitar stand Chic and Trendy and elegant looking stand to hold your Guitar/Violin/Ukulele in style. Available in Purple/Blue/Black/Red colours.
  • (Unique Design): This guitar stand has unique structure and adjustable design. This design makes this stand suitable for different sizes and types of string instruments. Adjust the support for the instrument on the stand according to its size of the instrument to hold in its place.
  • (Foldable and Portable): Foldable stand to easily fit in a backpack or to carry around in your hand if needed. No installation needed. Just open and place your instrument.
  • (Lightweight and Durable): Light weight made but strong and sturdy at the same time. With flexible glue and hard rubber treatment and bi-colour injection moulding.
  • (Protects your Instrument): Soft silicon pads at contact points to protect the instrument from any scratches or damage. Do not have to worry about instrument getting scratched while placing it on the stand. Easy maintenance and wipeable. Just clean with a soft cloth and it is shining as .


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