Guitar Slides - Alice A046B

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Alice A046B Guitar Slides is a metal guitar slide placed on the strings while playing to create ‘glissando’ effects. The slide is to create deep vibratos, which makes your music emotionally sensitive. It is specifically for the blues...

Playing with the metal guitar slide is a vital part of the blues. It is denser compared to the plastic or glass guitar slides. Used for creating long and slow notes in music. In addition, are perfect for acoustic and electric guitars.

Features, Durability & Value:

Alice A046B Guitar Slides is longer in length compared to the Alice A046A Guitar Slides. It is of an approximated 60mmin in length. Used for covering three strings or more. It is a stainless Chrome steel with smoothly finished edges and will not chip or rust.  Alice A046B Chrome steel guitar slides are prevalent for rock, metal and blues.


The Alice products are classic and are regarded as one of the world best. The Alice A046B Guitar slide is not an exception. It is a slide often used in blues-style music.

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