Daula – Daul Beraya

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Much shorter than the yak bera described above, the dawula is a favourite in Buddhist ceremonies.

Usually crafted with kithul timber and cattle skin, the dawula is decorated with exquisite art and brass strips. At one end the player hits the drum with their hand, and at the other end they hit it with a stick called a ‘kaduppu’.

To learn to play this drum students must complete twelve elementary exercises (this is also the case for the yak bera).

To adhere to a strict time-sequence, the Dawula is often accompanied by the sound of a Thammattama, which is crafted from the root of a tree and also played with kadyppus.


Traditional Drum Materials

Drum bodies: Wood from the kohomba, coconut and kitul palms.

Drum heads: cattle skin.

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