Cool music DP 40 guitar amp

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Cool music 40 W Portable

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Microphone Input, Built-in Bluetooth, Rechargeable Battery performance up to 8 hours ...


Product Description


COOLMUSIC is a professional manufacturer in designing and producing Electric Drum, Amplifier and Guitar Pedal etc.

All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Change Life with Music.


Give You A Good, Clean Tone with Enough Volume to Be Heard


Best Match for Best Resonance

Made of 15-ply quality high-density wood, enhance the sturdiness & portability of the cabinet to the upmost. Months of effort work out a design to be as small & light while remains the best resonance. Irregular trapezoid provides a larger inner space for richer resonance than a conventional rectangle.



40W Amp with Excellent Sound

The 8-inch woofer has responsive sensitivity and dynamics and also the utmost portability. And for improving the acoustic guitar sound, a 1.8-inch tweeter is added. It has titanium film diaphragm, which beat any other types, bringing outstand 40KHz frequency response.



Professional Audio Circuit for Greatly maximized Performance

A unique maximum wave purity circuit can greatly enhance the reduction of the sound source and improve the overall performance. It lessens energy consumption without losing sound and volume. Its good audio circuit design supplemented by good materials maximize the restoration of the speaker.




3 Channels with Independent Controls

Possible to plug in guitars or other instruments, or both a guitar and a vocal microphone, depending on what you need. And its independent gain control better balances the music. Features a number of onboard effects, like bass, treble, and reverb. It’s a great choice for the home studio guitarist, giving you a chance to create lots of different sonic textures.



Built-in Bluetooth & USB Connectivity

  • Bluetooth 3.0 ensures convenient connectivity to enjoy more music or add in more musical accompaniments.
  • USB connectivity and 3.5 mm line-in can also help you in playing the music if your phone is poor reception. (Recording function included)




Rechargeable Battery Performance

Not only do street-corner musicians need amplifiers that are easy to lug around from place to place, but they also need a way to power their amps when no electrical outlets are readily available. After a full charge, it can be used up to 8-10 hours and allows a dedicated power output for phone & other devices. The modifications on the circuit decrease the energy consumption, ensure a long standby time.


Features & details

  • 【3 Channel】It is able to plug in 3 different instruments together, such as guitar, piano keyboard, microphone, etc. 2 Band Balance meet the needs of various music style and the built-in reverb effect ensures natural and echo-like sounds
  • 【40 Watt】It has enough power for your needs, able to fit in different situations like live, studio, solo performance and practice, giving you more freedom to control your sound to be heard over the other musicians without pushing your amp out of its optimal operating range
  • 【Bluetooth】Provide with options of wireless connection, phone input, CD/MP3 input, and USB plugin, it is able to fit in the different connection types, it is convenient and useful with its master control, headphone input and DI output, recording and MP3 function
  • 【Rechargeable】It can run up to 5-8 hours depends on the volume you use after 5 hours charge. And it can work with a connection directly to the electricity
  • 【Portable】15*14*13 inches midsize and 16 lbs allow a less burden performance, and 2 coaxial speakers, 8 woofers and 2 piezo tweeters can deliver a big, full and natural sounding for acoustic guitar and microphone

Product information

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