Alice A106-H Classical Guitar String

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Classical Guitar String Alice A106-H  ...


Material: Alloy & Nylon
Color: clear white x 3, silver x 3
6 different strings:
E string (1st) .0285"(0.72mm) Nylon strings
B string (2nd) .0325"(0.83mm) Nylon strings
G string (3rd) .041" (1.04mm) Nylon strings
D string (4th) .030" (0.76mm) Alloy strings
A string (5th) .036" (0.91mm) Alloy strings
E string (6th) .044" (1.12mm) Alloy strings



Classical Guitar String cords da guitars 1 set Clear Nylon String Hard Tension - Alice A106-H 


Set of 6 strings.

Suitable for Classical guitar.

Long playing life.

Their timbres are sweet, beautiful and pure.

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