Acoustic Guitar Cort’s AF510C (OP)

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The oldest series in the Cort product line. The Standard series is a collection of our experience in making pianos over the past 50 years, with a variety of piano models and configurations, and an excellent price-performance ratio. It is very suitable for beginners or ordinary fans. In 2018, the new cutaway models are equipped with colors that are more in line with modern trends, adding more colors to the Standard series...


Concert model

The Concert model has a smaller size, which is different from Dreadnought's pursuit of powerful mid- and low-frequency, with better frequency band balance and clearer and sweeter high frequencies. This characteristic is that the Concert piano type becomes the best choice for finger-style and solo.


Spruce panel

Spruce has good sensitivity and strong and full tone, so many well-known acoustic guitar brands use this kind of wood for the panel wood. The acoustic guitar using spruce as the panel material has a bright and crisp tone and a wide range of applicable styles.


Mahogany back and side panels

Bright and natural, strong and warm mid range. The much-loved mahogany has become the classic standard configuration of acoustic guitars.


Dovetail neck connection

Assembled by experienced craftsmen, meticulous workmanship, strong and durable, the Dovetail (dovetail) connection method can fully conduct resonance without losing a lot of timbre details.


Concave bridge

Cort’s unique concave bridge brings greater inclination to the strings at the bridge yard, reduces the string tension at the neck, effectively reduces finger fatigue during performance, and improves performance.



CONSTRUCTION Dovetail neck connection
CUTAWAY Missing corner
BODY Concert barrel
NUT WIDTH 43mm pillow width
TOP Spruce panel
BACK & SIDES Mahogany back and side panels (Neem)
NECK Mahogany (Formica)
FRETS 20 fret
TUNERS Die-casting
BRIDGE Cypress bridge
STRINGS Coated strings
BRACING Special design X-shaped sound beam

Colour : Natural (OP)

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