Adline AD-20 Pickup

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Adeline AD-20  Mini Sound Pickup Piezo Amplifier Transducer Stick Pickup for Acoustic Guitar ukulele Violin Cello Banjo


AD-20 is practical electronic pickup which beginners can use with simple attachment without any modification or damage. When you don’t play it, you can separate the electronic cord and keep it away from the body.
Suitable for: acoustic instruments such as Kalimba, guitar,ukulele violin, mandolin, Mandolin Banjo Guzheng Erhu etc.
This is a perfect solutions for people who owns a non-electric Kalimba but wants to connect to amplifier like those electric Kalimbas.
Advantage: Don’t need to installation,don’t need battery,can eliminate interfering external sounds and not be influenced by sound reflections from nearby objects, can catch pure sound.
Usage: Just plug it into your amp, bass amp or other recording equipment
It comes with double sided tape and self-adhesive for multiple mounting options 
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