4-string Electric Bass Strings Alice A606(4)-M

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Alice A606(4)-M Electric Bas Strings Medium for 4-string Electric Bass

Hexagonal Steel Core / Nickel Alloy Wound

Model: A606(4)-M

Type: Medium

More Details
Brand: Alice
Model: A606(4)-M
Type: Medium
Brand New & High Quality & Long Service Life
Material: Steel core / Nickel alloy wound
Fit for 4-string electric bass
Each set includes 4 strings, 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th.



Note inch mm
G .045 1.14
D .065 1.65
A .085 2.16
E .105 2.67
About Alice Strings: Alice strings are exclusively made, through internationally recognized techniques, from high-quality material sourced in Germany, France, Japan and the USA. These strings offer exceptional tone and longevity and, thus, are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of musicians worldwide.
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